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Only unconditional love will do it!

We urgently need to save the civilization of this planet. Don't worry, the planet will save itself, once it got rid of us. There are hundreds of books out there about how our industrialized and commercialized systems, dominated by multinational corporations and a few families, are controlling and destroying everything on this planet, including us. We don't need to talk about that we all know it. We need clean air, clean water, clean food, and sun to survive within a healthy community. We could talk for hours of the dangers of the EMF's, poisoned foods, drinks, and air around us, etc. etc. We cannot waste time pointing at all that. We know most of it already. Here is my five-step approach to get started, in case you are interested not only in your personal health, but would like to be part of a movement, please contact me, wherever you are in this world. We need every single person.

The first step and absolute condition to make this a reality, must be loving yourself. Loving this way is an activity that does not expect rewards, neither from people nor from God. It is born by positive thoughts, pure consciousness and wisdom, and not by believes. You have to adapt a life-style that is nurturing you. Good sleep, lots of walking, daily sun, and meditation, especially no resentments against nobody. Live every day in full as if it was your last day. Learn every day something new. Tales de Mileto 624 - 546 before our time, said "Love your neighbor a little more than yourself".

The second step has to do with being instead of having. Make yourself a life manifest. Write down what you want to achieve, and how you want to behave on that path in your life. The time of your life is the most precious gift from the creator you have. Calculate the wasted time you lose by doing dumb activities like looking at a screen, purchasing, maintaining and paying for things you don't really need.

The third step is nourishing yourself instead of just eating, at least 90% of the time. Sometimes we eat and drink things just for pleasure. Most people eat 5 times the amount they should eat, because of the lack of enzymes, so even so-called healthy foods do not nourish them, or because they are addicted to the wrong foods, drinks and lifestyle. That's why it is so important to get rid of addictions, and wrong eating habits. Fruits and vegetables need to be organically grown, otherwise they ruin the intestine-lining and a leaky gut is the main reason of almost all diseases. Most people forget to detox on a daily basis despite of knowing of all the toxins around them. With 20% of what we eat we could live healthy and happy if we wouldn't eat processed foods. With the other 80% live the doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals.

The fourth step is knowing, instead of believing. I have a list of over 1000 regular and alternative doctors, professors, health practitioners, PhD's, nutritionists etc. from around the world from which I learned what I believe is the right way to go about your health and lifestyle. Most importantly I have learned that there is no identical approach for the same ailment for two people. We are all different, we live different, we make different mistakes, have different backgrounds and ages, different amounts of willpower, and pains. That's why there is no medication or doctor on earth that will cure any disease. The only person that can take control of your health, joy, and happiness is you. And the best teacher is nature: "No wild animal ever gets sick, nor did the Hunza people in Tibet". Any cell in your body is 1000 times more intelligent than all the doctors together on the planet.

The fifth step is getting rid of addictions, and traumas of childhood abuse one by one. That's the most difficult part. Often, we think it is culture, customs, routine, education, believes, etc. But if we look at it honestly, we have to admit that we are addicted to many things, not just foods, drugs and drinks. The most addictive foods (10 times as addictive than cocaine) are sugars and flours. We can stop smoking, stop drinking, stop using vegetable oils and dairy, stop eating lots of animal proteins etc., but tell people that they should stop eating anything made with wheat and sugar, they freak out. Unfortunately, both in combination with all kinds of recommended diets, are the main root causes of almost all health problems, starting with leaky gut and Insulin resistance. Other less visible addictions of many people are: bad live-style, TV, Cell-phones, adrenalin, money, religion, news, negative thoughts, work, entertainments, greed, and childhood trauma behavior like jealousy, unrealistic fears, shame, the need to be first (watch the highway), and any suppressed emotion etc. etc.

Thomas Berry says: "We are experiencing a moment of significance far beyond what any of us can imagine. What can be said is that the foundations of a new historical period, the Ecozoic Era, have been established in every realm of human affairs. The mythic vision has been set into place. The distorted dream of an industrial technological paradise is being replaced by the more viable dream of a mutually enhancing human presence within an ever-renewing organic-based Earth community. The dream drives the action. In the larger cultural context, the dream becomes the myth that both guides and drives the action."

With lots of love, Jörn Wolfgang Malek