Benefits of loving yourself and beeing connected with the universe


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Unlocking the power of meditation by Craig Hamilton

You will receive lots of energy that is no longer coming from our body, but from somewhere mysterious that you can't see. You will find that you can tap into a seemingly infinite well of creativity and love, as though the creative power of the cosmos is coursing through you. Whenever you need it, it is available.

You'll discover to also have access to a wellspring of inner strength that gives you absolute peace, steadiness and confidence in the face of life's challenges. No matter what life throws your way, you will not be daunted. You will have a fundamental trust that you'll find your way, that the resources needed to meet life's demands will appear. From where, you don't know, but you'll trust that they will, and you'll find that they do.

I'm not talking about trusting that an all-powerful "something" is going to take care of you, or that mystical things will happen in your life to make everything work. Instead, you'll learn to trust in an inner resource that is always readily available to you. You will also find an unprecedented ability to be present every single moment of your life in a way that most of you have never experienced.

And in this powerful presence, you become a finely tuned receptive instrument that can sense into the deeper needs and feelings of those around you, and into what we might call the evolutionary needs of the moment. This profound attunement enables you spontaneously discern the path of positive action in a way that transcends mere cognition.

And at the center of your being will be a burning passion for evolution and transformation, a calling to transform the world, heal its wounds, correct the errors and spread the truth into an expression of the great perfection you'll have discovered to be its source. I believe it has to be just a few or one of us at the time to wake up and start.

All of this may sound very lofty and beyond reach, but I want to make it clear that this is not a pipe dream drawn from ancient books. This is a real and living possibility for each of us. This is what human life - your life - can become. Are you ready to be part of it.?