My personal Philosophy


Benefits of loving yourself
What wise men teach us
Paintings by Jörn Malek


My philosophy of life contains more or less the following ideals and goals:

1 I want to live my life with integrity and do things that positively affect the quality of life of others and the environment.

2 I want to start every day with freshness and love in my heart. I want to strive to spread the sparkle of my enthusiasm.

3 Every day I will strive to improve my ethics of character to be more tolerant, cooperative, compassionate, helpful, kind, loyal, purposeful, conscientious, responsible, punctual, honest, courageous, generous and fair.

4 I do not want to believe in ghosts, demons, devils, religions, prophets and fortune tellers. But I will believe in the love of people and in my own love and in the fact that everything that happens in life is right. Anyway, I will follow the philosophy of my life and thank God for every day of this life.

5 I always want to try to get the most out of my abilities and skills and to give more than people expect.

6 I want to make an extra effort not to avoid my honesty. If for some reason I cannot give an honest answer, I will not answer.

7 I will warn the people I'm talking to that they do not ask me to lie for them, even if for them that behavior seems naive or immature..

8 I will never want more than I need and I will never collect or appreciate anything for its value. If I ever have more than I need, I will use these resources to improve the environment and / or help people in need.

9 I want to shape my life so that it does not affect my feelings (love, pleasure anger, fear and pain).

10 ut I will never forget that nobody, less myself, can be responsible for my feelings and that you cannot promise or demand feelings.

11 When I feel pain, I try to make sure that it is not self-pity. I also constantly think that love is an activity that generates love.

12 Every day, I strive to become smarter by studying wise men.


First, I want to be successful in my house. My family has absolute priority in my life. My house or apartment must be a place of love, fun, comfort, tranquility, joy, pleasure and happiness. In this sense I would like to run a family culture. I want to give as much as possible of my experiences to the children who surround me. They mainly teach how to love, enjoy and achieve the highest integrity or ethics of the character.

I want to find ways in which children can discover their talents and how they become accessible to other people. Every family member living in my home must be responsible for keeping their environment and the home they live in clean and tidy.

Relationships / Marriage

Love and erotic feelings are children of freedom and react very negatively when they are under pressure. On the other hand, the dangers of mental or physical infidelity are a deadly threat to a loving relationship or a happy and lasting marriage. Only absolute loyalty gives us the best foundation for a relationship that will survive the storms of life. Only then do we have the assurance and confidence that we will not fall in love with another person, which usually means the end and destruction of the present family.

As the feelings of love and / or sexual desire wane over time, I must remember that loving is the predetermined activity to restore and strengthen those feelings (life is not like in Hollywood novels or Films where those feelings fall down like a ray from the sky to settle in the body like an incurable virus).

I will make sure that neither work nor amusement, no matter how fabulous or satisfying, cause me to part from my family for a long time. I would like to practice at least one or better two hobbies or leisure activities with them.

My Time

The time we live is very short and unrepeatable. That's why I want to pay close attention to what I do with my time. I always want to remember that today can be the last day of my life, because only then will I make my time productive. I do not want to waste my time today uselessly, hoping for a better time in an indefinite future. But that does not mean that I cannot plan for the future.

Ido not want to spend time with people who for some reason do not interest me or who are a waste of time. I also want to be very picky with whom I share my time and love.

But with the people I talk to, I will give a lot of empathy and try to listen more than talk. I will also try to look first at all the different opinions before I judge.

In my conversations I would like to show my good mood. Above all, if my opinion differs from others, I will not fall into the trap of conceiving it as a personal criticism. I will not criticize other people in this regard either. I will not try to make the people who are not part of my family understand my point of view in the talks, unless they explicitly ask for it (they can also read my texts).

With my different interests and responsibilities, I always want to concentrate on one thing in order to use the best use my skills in this area. I'm not afraid of mistakes. On the contrary, I always want to remember that mistakes are the best teachers. As soon as I tell myself that I have made a mistake, I will correct it and apologize if necessary. I will learn to wait more and more time for the rewards of my activities.

I always want to spend less than I earn, and I will only go into debt when there is no other solution.

At least for five days a week I would like to dedicate my time in some form to creative activities. I want to use my creativity mainly to improve the quality of life on our planet and for the community in which I live.

I will always be interested in new ideas, changes and novelties, even if they are unpleasant, hard and painful. I will not wait for the possibilities, but create or identify them. I will never stop learning something new. I want to learn a new skill at least every two or three years.


I will stay away from habits that can lead to dependencies such as tobacco, drugs, news, sugar consumption, processed carbohydrates, vegetable oils, alcohol, television, cell phones, and sometimes work. I would like to use wisdom and modesty in choosing my meals, drinks, literature and movies. For my meals, I try to use fruit and vegetables from my own garden if I have one. Also buy organically grown vegetables, fruits and nuts, etc., if they are available, and try to eat most of it raw. I will fast every month for three to ten days. If possible, I go for a walk at least one hour every day and spend at least half an hour in the sun every day. I will not eat anything from 5 o'clock in the afternoon until 9 o'clock in the morning and wake up drinking half a liter of water with Himalayan salt and a little activated charcoal. I try to go to bed as early as possible but sleep the latest at 9pm and at least 8hrs.

I want to have the courage to laugh at the strokes of fate and use my energies to improve something.