What is the difference between a consultation and a workshop?


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Difference between a consultation and a workshop
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In the practice of functional medicine each client must be analyzed individually.

There are no two identical people with an identical lifestyle, therefore, it is not possible to give an identical protocol to two different people, even if they suffer from the same disease. As there are many factors to take into account that have to do not only with the health condition of the patient, but with their environment, lifestyle, etc., the development of these protocols takes a long time. There are functional doctors with a waiting list of up to 18 months. To avoid a long wait while their condition continues to deteriorate, several doctors and health coaches have opted to give workshops, also known as "Boot Camps" in which they offer a basic guide, which aims to change certain customs and harmful addictions that prevent the healing of the different diseases. This is done in a controlled environment. Because of the supervision we are able to guarantee a good preparation to internalize the changes and continue with them once they are going back to the real world.

By attending the consultations, you can achieve the same, however, you will need more willpower, especially if you are surrounded by doctors and / or people who have not learned or heard of these natural cures. A clear example of this is patients suffering from cancer, who will probably be surrounded by people and doctors who recommend chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery which only treats the tumor but not the cancer stem-cell. When you start in a controlled and supervised workshop, the first thing we will do is to take away your fear by explaining that you have probably lived with this cancer for more than 5 or even 20 years, and that there is no hurry, that you should continue to enjoy your life, and that any body has the capacity to self-heal.