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Healthcare, one of the great frauds of modern times
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Das Gesundheitswesen, der grosse Betrug moderner Zeit
Healthcare, one of the great frauds of modern times

A few words about myself to start

How do I get to write about health or disease? My father was a doctor. He claimed that modern medicine is the biggest fraud of the century. He practiced his profession only briefly in the second world war. Our whole family went to a doctor who with a fasting cure only, healed his own liver cancer and then, all his life specialized himself to treat incurable cancer patients and other serious cases, which were abandoned by conventional medicine. Towards the end of his life in 2000, the first of his patients died in the nearby spa Prasura and conventional medicine and the press jumped on the case like a flock of hungry wolves. Dr. Bauer for them was a thorn in the side because he healed all his patients only with fasting and a change in eating habits, homeopathy and acupuncture. The proponents of conventional medicine succeeded to finally close his consolatory. At that time he was already 87 years old.

If you continue reading here and if you are really interested in your health, you will find out that Dr. Bauer is in very good company. There are plenty of cheap healing methods which are used by a few trained doctors, but which are banned almost all over the world or be ridiculed. Just for cancer, there are about half a dozen successful ways. For malaria, there is a 100 % cure in 24 hours which costs about $ 1 per patient, it was even tested by the Red Cross. So why over 1 million people die every year from malaria? Because the method was not approved by the FDA. Why should they. There is no money in it. (The FDA is financed by the Pharmaceutical industry)

For me personally, Dr. Bauer was not only a friend, mentor and source of my knowledge about health, I owe him my health today, because with the 5 needles he put in each ear, he freed me of my 15 - year cigarette addiction ( 3-5 packages per day).

Ater I got a swollen right knee during military service, I was sent to the best specialists in the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich who diagnosed: Ankylosing spondylitis. They wanted to implant a radioactive substance to ease the pain. I immediately went to Dr. Bauer. After a 27-day water fast, it turned out that the diagnosis was wrong, because the pain and swelling were gone. Ankylosing spondylitis, is not curable. Today I know that it was an allergic of too much butter -- and dairy products.

In the waiting room of Dr. Bauer hung two panels . One of Socrates and the other of Hippocrates:

The diseases do not infect us out of the blue, but develop from small daily sins against nature. If they have heaped up, they break out seemingly at once.
Hippocrates 469-370 A.C.

If someone is looking for health , so ask him first if he is willing to start avoiding the causes of the disease. Only then you must help him.
Socrates 469-399 A.C.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Bauer, see the link on the left

Brandstein from MMS Self Help Forum hits the nail on the head in just a few words

After it has been established, that in almost all diseases the underlying problem is the acidity in the body, he writes the following:

There are certainly many ways that lead to Rome, you can take alkaline-powder for deacidification, you can make alkaline baths, one can make a deacidification cure, yes you can even go to a clinic and get deacidified there. It cost a bunch of money and it will help here and there, but it will not last very long! You will have to get to the bases, that's where it is happening!

You must change your food supply, you must completely eliminate acid-forming food, at least for a few months, and you have to drink plenty of clean and living water, diluting the blood so that it flows properly again to start an internal cleansing effect, that way the cell structures, the capillaries and the tissues are cleaned of any waste, a thorough housecleaning as good housewives do it. After that you'll start feeling good again, you feel relieved and free from any waste!

An ointment, some Aloe Vera, a little crystal salt, a good tea, a liver cleansing here, a cleaning of the intestines, a little medicine for a change, and some MMS in between, can cause one or the other thing, but the insidious time bomb of acidosis and thickening of the blood, will not be tackled in the long run!

We provoke the illnesses ourselves

Another approach to this problem and to self-knowledge is, that it is you who attracts the disease in the first place, in other words, you make yourself sick -- but with this knowledge, you also get the possibility to take care of your health by yourself - these are the words of Prof. D. Antoine Bechamp, who had already found over 100 years ago, that diseases do not come flying in from outside ( the thesis of his opponent Pasteur, who blamed the bactria and viruses that come from outside, for the diseases and thus helped for the billions in profits of the pharmaceutical industry, at the expense of the poor and the sick) but from ourselves, from our own blood -- if the environment in our inside is not correct -- the pathogens develop!!

This finding now has not only been confirmed by the microbiologist and biochemist Dr. Robert O. Young but he also found the cause of this fact. He discovered, for example that anthrax bacteria responsible for anthrax, before his eyes were transformed in normal human blood cells and after some time back into anthrax bacteria ... depending on how the environment of the blood fluid was. Therefore the blood cells transforme itself into viruses or bacteria or fungi, according to the type of environment. The deeper reason for this is the "Mykrozyme" or Protit, the smallest known "living organisms" that are present in every body cell and according to our concepts are "immortal" or at least indestructible. In other scientists had recently discovered micro-cells are also called "symbionts".

Depending on the type of environment in the body, these microorganisms try to restore order, much like Dr. Hames describes it. If the environment is too acidic, for example, after death, then they provide for the "production" of the necessary bacteria and viruses for the decay; and in all living cells, including those in apples: there are not bacteria attacking from the outside that produce the rotten places, equally here starts the same mechanism. Our cells or Mikrozyme form only then bacteria and viruses, if there is a suitable environment for them in the body. Therefore, it makes little sense to fight the bacteria or viruses, but you must bring the milieu of the body back to a healthy level, to stop the disease.

Specifically and exclusively the "acidic environment" promotes the "production of fungi and viruses", in other words the disease, which has been shown already on another level. So there we encounter again the latest research results, which clearly and distinctly show that "man is responsible of his own fortune" and that one can avoid the high cost of medical and health care for the most part, if people could only understand this!! Also with cancer applies this principle, as described vividly in this article.

Another very important message brings the biochemist Dr. Robert O. Young tu us in the above named article, namely that the best diet for humans for many reasons is the "green stuff", as show the latest scientific findings clearly, and that meat should be avoided, because it produces acidity. Reasons for this are, for example, that green plants are ideal for the all-so-important blood - Ph value, and also that but the solar energy is stored in the chlorophyll and green plants take care of the spring fatigue just like the first spring sunbeams.

It is also known that St. John's wort stores the sun's energy and is therefore so invigorating at lows or depression. That an acidic environment is responsible for many diseases also says FX Meyer, known as the Meyer -- Treatment and his idea: "Death sits in the intestine".

Meat versus vegetarianism

A little more information about "meat" doesn't hurt but surely can help to bring health and consciousness to a higher level. So: By eating meat significant energy for the body is being wasted, much more than the consumption of meat can deliver, for that reason after a banquet with lots of meat one is always so tired, a very unnatural process, because food is supposed to give you energy!

The meat consumption is also a major cause of many civilization diseases such as gout, rheumatism or arthritis due to the formation of uric acid during the digestion of meat, which are unknown in vegetarian living peoples. Read about this subject the latest research on "Mykrozymes ", demonstrating why dead flesh produces acidity because the meat already started the process of decay.

Furthermore, the meat is broken down after eating, equally as any other food in the smallest molecules and then rebuilt to the building materials that the body can use Therefore, there is but little advantage the meat eaters have in comparison with vegetarians, what essential commodities are concerned.

Vegetarian living peoples are proof of the misinformation of many scientists that vegetarians suffer from deficiency symptoms. The only "disadvantage" for these people was that they were more peace-loving than their neighbors and therefore were decimated, and fell into the minority. Also, the myth that the dentition of man is designed for meat, is part of the academic fairy tales.

"Long-term studies over hundreds of years" or better, the comparison of vegetarian peoples with meat eaters found that the vegetarian people live much more peaceful and healthier. Many diseases of civilization, due to the consumption of meat such as Acidosis, arthritis or rheumatism, etc., simply don't exist with vegetariens. Vegetarians live longer, but never have the deficiencies science too often wants people to believe: So today's science is wrong again and her statements should be banned.

Also: Eating meat depresses the consciousness to a lower level and makes man more "animal-like" on the astral-ether level, or better on the "soul level", it makes him "sour" on the body level and robs the people much energy, without being able to contribute to healthy essential building blocks for the body.

At the ecological level infinitely more solar energy or "green" is wasted to produce meat. With that approximately 100 times more people could be fed than with meat, for which this green was used. Our world could feed many more people, if they would not eat meat, which is a social concern.

Also an important aspect is the development of methane gases during rumination and digestion in cattle with its devastating impact on the greenhouse effect of our environment, equal or worse as it is already known for the exhaust gases of cars.

There remains the "ethical level": any meat eater is actively involved in the torture and the misery of the animals which, among other things suffer during livestock transportation and mass slaughter!

It is therefore highly unintelligent to eat meat!



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