Recipe of Mamus

Recipe of Mamus


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Healthcare, one of the great frauds of modern times

Mamus the perfect breakfast

SAlways when people come to visit, they ask me how I eat breakfast. My answer is: all raw and as organic as possible. I get up later at 6 o'clock. I first drink the juice of 5 lemons, diluted with spring water or cooked on an empty stomach. Then I wait at least 30 minutes, sometimes it's 1 to 2 hours (I wait until it makes my mouth water thinking about eating the Mamus) and then I'm going to eat it together with a few slices of whole wheat bread that I myself make with a little Coconut fat and salt. Give the reasons here, why I recommend this mix are too complicated. If you want you can educate yourself on this at or with the corresponding links. The basic idea is to combat free radicals and create an alkaline environment.


150 grams whole organic oats
1 large scoop of bee pollen
1 small spoon turmeric (optional)
2 large spoons Gia
2 large spoons Linseed Seeds
2 large spoons Oat Bran
2 large spoons Coconut Oil
2 large spoons Sesam Seeds
1 teaspoon black pepper
100 grams raw honey
4 decilitros unprocessed coconut milk orcoconut water
1 decilitre lemon juice (or more as desired)
750 grams sliced apples (or more to taste)
80 grams mixed nuts or cracked almonds
3 ripe bananas chopped
˝ or more or less 300 grams chopped papaya, including seeds
3 slices of finely chopped pineapple

Ok, This is the basic recipe. Instead of coconut milk, you can use tangerine juice or orange juice. The Gia expands a little during the night, so maybe you have to add a little more liquid. You can also add acording to your taste and season is other chopped fruits like strawberries, mango, pear, granadilla and different berries.



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