Healthcare, one of the great frauds of modern times


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Healthcare, one of the great frauds of modern times
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Healthcare, one of the great frauds of modern times

Just the tip of the iceberg

First, I want to talk about the positive sides of our health care systems. There are countless emergency service workers who save lives every day. And many honorable doctors, nurses, and hospitals do sacrifice in many ways to help others. For example, my lifelong doctor and friend, Dr. Bauer, a medical doctor and fasting, homeopath, and Chinese acupuncture specialist from Arosa Switzerland, has helped thousands of patients from all over the world (who had been given-up by the mainstream medical community) to cure them of their various cancers and many other so called "incurable" ailments by using fasts, homeopathy and acupuncture. (At the spry old age of 85, Dr. Bauer still went skiing.)

Practice of Dr Bauercure-house of Dr BauerCure-house and clinic of Dr. BauerArosa MountainArosa City

Nuns in Turrialba cured the cancer of a friend of Angela's through fasting and diet changes. There have been many pioneers in this field and it would take quite a few books to talk about them and their different "alternative" methods.

It is hard to believe that considering all that is known about how to avoid most ailments, we continue down the same roads that are more likely to serve business-interests then patients. And those interests are so strong that we all get the wrong message thrown at us over and over until we believe it. Think about it. Like mammals, we could live 5 times the amount of time we grow - more or less 5 times 25 years - without ever getting ill. The Hunzas in Tibet not only live an average 125 years, they work until that age. (Perhaps the Coca Cola Age has finally caught up with them and these numbers are no longer accurate.)

According to one "alternative" theory, we drink too much milk and-milk products. Cows are mammals with a much shorter life-span and so drinking cow-milk has the effect of shortening ours. So the only milk we should have been consuming in our first three years was that of our mothers. Milk depleates our bones from calcium. Since cows recieve growth hormones to grow their udders, humans grow breast cancer etc. We should not believe the advertising campains of the milk lobby and not eat or drink any milk products like cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt, and products containing milk powder.

When a language professor could not find the word for "illness" at the Hunzas in Tibet, he told a medical doctor in Sweden about it. The doctor went there to study their lifestyle. (By the way I found this quote searching in Google for "Hunzas Tibet": The Vilcabamba of Ecuador, the Hunzas of Tibet, the Azerbaijans of the Caucasus, the Hindus of India have the world's longest lifespan not the Japanese whose intestinal cancer rate has quadrupled since increasing animal product consumption after World War II.) In Tibet, the doctor found people living up to 140 years without ailments. Their principal diet is based on apricots.

This and many other studies by several scientists around the world found that one of the main reasons of most ailments is our so called "balanced diet" with far too many proteins including Bread, Eggs, Meat, Fish, Butter, Milk, etc. together with the customary bases of rice and/or potatoes. One study of some indigenous group in Mexico proved that we don't need to eat any proteins at all, that if we don't consume proteins, the body can produce the necessary amount by itself. Now go and ask most doctors about that and you can be sure that most of them will laugh at you. That is exactly the starting point of the big fraud to humanity.

Doctors and hospital directors are not properly educated about the source of ailments. And why should they? They and most of the health-industry, including the chemical industry, as well as the hospitals, live from ailments not from healthy people (accidents being the exception). Did you ever hear a doctor explain to you why you have high blood-pressure? Did he tell you that by just eating raw food for a week the high pressure will go away? How much money is in that? By the way, the Hunzas eat mainly fruits and during the long winter, dried fruits. When they run out of food in spring, they fast.

Most things that make us ill are addictive (We'd rather get ill then not consume them). The most addictive ones are white sugar mostly consumed in soft-drinks (starches like bread and pasta turn into sugar too), cigarettes, and alcohol just to mention the ones governments make the most money. First they make money through taxation, and then they save money with a shorter life-expectancy (less social security payments). I personally follow the advise of Socrates: "Wenn jemand Gesundheit sucht, so frage ihn erst, ob er bereit ist, künftig die Ursachen der Krankheit zu meiden. Erst dann darfst du ihm helfen", specially after an incident with an elderly lady that could not stand their arthritis-pains. I told her to just give up one thing she is eating: salt. She told me that she would rather take pain-pills than give up salt.

Most complete proteins are also somehow addictive: meat, rice and beans, dairy-products etc. People start getting headaches if they don't get certain foods or eat breakfast. Nobody tells them why that is so. The fast is cleaning the body of toxins, that is giving you the headache. Doctors will tell you that the breakfast is the most important meal while just the opposite is the truth. At breakfast you're breaking the fast that could help you stay healthier, live longer, be happier, have more energy. Learn to stand the pain and don't take head-ache pills. I guarantee you it is worth it. Find a doctor that is specialized in fasts. Don't fast longer than 3 days with only water without medical supervision. My personal longest fast in Arosa was 27 days only on water. Over the past 40 years, I have fasted every other month for about a week. Now that I am 71 years old and I switched to fast evey month but only 3-4 days at the time. It cleans my body, my thoughts and keeps me fit. Right now, as I am writing this September 4th 2014 I am starting my third day of fast. Even so I don't drink alcohol, nor do I eat or drink dairy products, meat of fish, I still sit sometimes in a traffic jam with bad air, many fruits and vegetables I cannot get organic, apples are spraid upon around 15 times etc. etc. so I feel it is still important to detox regularly no not fall ill and feel happy and healthy.


I remember in the lobby of Dr. Bauer there was a small poster which said: with 25% of what we eat we could live, from the other 75% live the doctors. Remember about 95% of all our ailments (including some mental ailments) come from improper nutrition. Stick to fruits and vegetables and eat them raw. Last but not least, think of the thousands of people dying every month of starvation. Resources are scarce. What in the USA is fed to livestock, could feed 600 Million people. Eating meat ist very unintelligent to say the least.

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