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Healthcare, one of the great frauds of modern times

Fasting seems to be the answer to many problems the world is facing.

Take the time to read this article, it could change your life. If you have influence you might see some interesting possibilities for a better world. I also mentioned fasting in my other article titled, "Healthcare - one of the great frauds of modern times". It also was fasting that personally helped me in many ways during the past 40 years. My Healthcare and the related Marihuana letter created the most intense and positive responses. Even a criminal defense attorney from the USA applauded them and sent in some additional statistics. I personally was very lucky to have my father being a doctor and not agreeing with what was going on with main stream medicine. He and our whole family were taken care of by a doctor who, in addition to being a medical doctor, was a specialist in fasts, homeopathy, acupuncture, and cell-therapy.

Schild von der Klinik His name is Dr. Ernst Bauer from Arosa, Switzerland. I can still remember him going skiing at age 80. About 15 years ago, I wanted to publish an interview he had on the radio. Due to the jealous reactions of many doctors in Switzerland, he asked me to publish it without mentioning his name, but in that way, the magazine I wrote for, refused. In the meantime he retired, his clinic was closed, and I have had no contact with Dr. Bauer since 1999. I dug out the old manuscript a few days ago and that Interview is going to be the main content of this article. Of course the original text had been written in German, but I translated it into English, and Spanish.

For over 30 years, I have fasted every year about 3 to 4 times. These fasts last between 5 and 27 days, but I never fast longer than 10 days without medical supervision. Dr. Ernst Bauer cured all the patients he accepted (with one exception as far as I can remember). The vast majority of his patients were very sick, mostly with cancer and cases that where given up by regular doctors and clinics. His method of treatment was a combination of fasts, diet, acupuncture, homeopathy, blood-washes, natural and artificial sunbath and in some special cases (as long as it was legal) cell-therapy with cells of unborn sheep. I personally experienced all the above mentioned treatments and was a regular customer of Dr. Bauer as well as in the nearby Prasura Sanatorium.

Kopie des Socrates Textes im Wartesaal von Dr. Bauer The Clinic of Dr. Bauer is situated at an altitude of 1800 meters in the mountains above a ski resort called Arosa. In the lobby of his clinic there were two framed texts hanging on the wall. One was from Socrates and read: "If somebody is seeking health, ask first if he is willing to avoid the reasons of his illness in the future. Only then you may help him." The second probably was by Dr. Bauer himself: "With 25% of what we eat we could live, from the remaining 75% live the doctors."

Manuskript des Interviews His stationary patients were being cared for in the Prasura Sanatorium next door, which many years earlier was once a school for girls (Internat) in which my mother lived for a while when she was a girl. The interview which I am publishing here came from a radio broadcast. I made a tape-recording of it and wrote the text by hand. Later, this text was corrected by Dr. Bauer himself. (See picture).

If one asks people on the street, even doctors, what they think about fasting, one realizes, that very few people know much about it. Many think it is religious nonsense. If one tries to explain the advantages of regular fasting, you'll get answers like: "That's nonsense", "That's impossible", "I would never have the willpower for that", etc. What obviously is little known is that fasting has a big influence for our health. By fasting I mean simply not eating during a certain amount of time and only drinking water or perhaps some herbal teas without sugar.

Maybe the idea of not eating during two or three weeks is frightening them. Can a human being stand that? Isn't that dangerous? Are there no health hazards involved? These are a few of the questions that will be discussed during this radio program. A doctor who has made fasting cures over the past 34 years, by the way he does not want his name mentioned, gives information about it. Then you'll hear somebody who takes care of these patients in the sanatorium.

About the reasons for fasting says the specialist (Dr. Bauer):
By fasting we want to accomplish a deep cure for body, mind, and soul. This is based on the life-experience of many fasting doctors and published in books such as books by Dr. B, Buchinger, Prof. Zadl, Bertolèt and many more.

How these fasting results are accomplished is based on research from the past 15 years. Prof. Vogler from West Berlin never could detect a deficiency of proteins with thousands of patients which he treated with fasting during several weeks, and measuring the blood-protein level showed that it was never low. He came to the conclusion that there is a pool or deposit that enables the body to build the necessary proteins.

Also Ruzica, whose research-results were published in a book in 1940, comes to the same conclusion. He figured out that it takes 5 years of constant under-caloric nutrition, until deposits of "dross" are used up. Once his patients got to this point, they experienced a feeling of well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually, like they had never experienced before and an incredible energy and resistance against any kind of illnesses. Ruzika says, that in a man of 40 years of age, already a third of his weight consists of these dross deposits. And at 50 years old, it is already 50% to 75% of his weight. Also Professor Zadl, in his fasting sanatorium, came to the same conclusion. It has to be substance containing nitrogen which gets diluted and eliminated during the fast.

About the nature of these dross deposits, research of only the last 14 years gives us some answers. First, two scientists at the University of Jena, invented a new method of colouring, with which it became possible the detect and track down much better the Amyloid (an abnormal fibre-like protein that deposits outside the cells of different organs and tissues. Then some scientists like for instance Prof. Schwarz of Tübingen found out the unexpected large expansion of these deposits in all organs of the body: brain, heart, liver, and glands with internal secretion. The amount of the deposits of a person vary from organ to organ and also is different from one person to another. Probably somehow determined by his heritage.

Then they found out that the Amyloid consist in Protein Satellites. Within the Amyloid there are other substances deposited, like the much discussed Cholesterol, but compared to the Amyloid in much smaller quantities.

What happens during the fast
First we have to go back: When we finished eating, the nutrients pass through the intestine wall in the blood-circulation. At the finest spot of our blood-vessel system the so called Hair-Vessels or Capillaries, the nutrients enter the tissue. The Capillaries consist of a single cell inside that is surrounded by a basic-skin the so called Capillary-Basalme membrane which is covered by microscopic spaces or holes. Through them the nutrients pass to its surrounding.

When there is too much protein available, the cell deposits the surplus at the capillary-membrane. But this is only possible to a certain extent without being damaging. Once the amount surpasses the limit, the pores of the basic-skin get congested. The auto-regulation of the body responds to that with higher blood-pressure to make sure that the nutrients pass. This is most likely the main cause of high blood-pressure.

The capillaries are bedded in loose connective tissue and again bedded in the loose connective tissue are the organ-cells - like brain-cells, liver-cells, heart-cells, and the cells of the glands with internal secretion, etc. The cells of the loose connective tissue, the so called Mesenchyn-Cells, eliminate a poisonous substance, the Amyloid (if they had an overdose of proteins and also under the influence of poison that gets produced in the intestines, which again is a reaction of the over-consumption of proteins).

The Amyolid, together with the deposits at the inside of the Capillary Basic-Membranes, little by little congest the way, which the nutrients and the oxygen should take from the inside of the capillaries all way to the working cell, the organ-cell, and the other way around also congest the way back of the toxins into the blood, that are produced by the activities of the cells, the nutrients, and the oxygen, like Carbon dioxide, Urine acid, etc. These Toxins should be disposed of. The cell suffers and finally dies. There are still billions of other cells. But little by little there are less. Ruzica proofs that an old person has very little living cells left, instead a big amount of dross deposits.

During the fast, the blood sugar level goes down to a certain level, never below; the self regulation of our body, our inner doctor, starts to function. How does the body manage to maintain the blood sugar level? The body now is capable with its ferments to dissolve the dross deposits. With that it produces first the necessary sugar for the blood, which it keeps at the necessary level. But from the same dross deposits it produces the necessary amount proteins.

This way the dross deposits disappear, the way of the nutrients in one way to the organs and the way for the toxins in the other direction from the cells to the bloodstream are free again. This leads to a profound recovery to rejuvenation. The cells recover their ability to protect themselves against viral and bacterial infections.

Interviewer: Rejuvenation, greater defences, cures with fasting, how dangerous or not dangerous is this method?
There is no curing method that is not dangerous. People who are knowledgeable about fasting say, that especially if you take in consideration the great benefits you're getting, that fasting is the least dangerous curing method. But fasts should only be done under the supervision of a medical doctor experienced in fasts and who is available at any moment with his entire medical knowledge; otherwise it can be dangerous. It is like an operation without knife. Also the fast should be held in a sanatorium where the patient has constant supervision. Like this he finds support not only from the fasting doctor but also from the trained staff of the sanatorium and especially through all the other patients that are fasting. Like this there is a mutual supervision.

Interviewer: For a correct and save fast the right surroundings and constant control by a knowledgeable doctor is necessary.
That is only one side. The patient is equally important; he also has to collaborate and has to comply with certain requirements. He needs to have a certain minimum of self-discipline and honesty. Naturally we don't except any patients who do not follow the orders of the doctor.

We made it a policy not to accept a new patient before having had a short conversation with the doctor, at least on the phone. When there is a severe illness we study all the previous reports of hospitals and doctors first. Many times we can accept the very ill because there is the possibility that we can help them take one step ahead, a step that might be decisive about their fate.

Patient: I fasted two times, the first time 3 weeks and the second time 2 weeks. That was 7 years ago; I was 57 years old at that time. I was very ill with a malicious skin cancer.

Besides the many successes, there are also fiascos. Fiascos normally happen when patients want to go home earlier than planned. Generally the rule applies that one should break the fast (stay in the sanatorium) under the supervision of the doctor as long as the full fast lasted.

During the fast the body changes. The glands that produce the digestive liquids stop producing them. The sensation of hunger disappears normally already during the first day. The rule is that on the third day, it is completely absent. In the Bible we can read: "He fasted 42 days, then the hunger came back and he started to eat again". Today we have so much more dross deposits than the people 2000 years ago.

We can not fast long enough to get to this point until the body can change to take up food again. We have to break our fast and that has to be done very carefully, first with very little but carefully picked food, with every day a little more depending on the patient. If we don't do it that way, complications can occur, that if not professionally handled can cause permanent damage. We cannot let the patient go home too early.

Naturally there is state with very severe illnesses where there is no way back. It needs the experience of a fasting doctor to realize these situations. Otherwise there is no harm if it is done correctly.

Interviewer: Are there rules about the length of a fast?
No, this is different from patient to patient. We make adjustments for each patient from one day to the next. There are patients that we can let fast for 3 days. Then we have to switch to a corresponding diet, or half-fasts, or quarter-fasts, etc. Maybe later we can add a few days without food and with time over longer periods, we finally reach our goal.

Patient: Four years ago I had Bronchial Asthma. I lost lots of weight. After the 5th day of fasting I never again had to inhale. It was such a great success that I fasted 3 more times since then.

It is like this, the baby is born with a healthy instinct, just like every other living creature. First the baby knows exactly what it should eat, and at first denies any denaturalized food. If he forced to eat such things, than his instinct turns into the contrary, into addiction.

The adults are addicts, addicted to cigarettes, addicted to alcohol, wine, addicted to the so called fine, refined, denaturalized Food: Sugar, Sweets, etc. etc. During the fast, the instinct comes back. After breaking the fast, we like the things we should eat, what we are made for. It is very possible that before or during the fast one still craves for chicken or other delights. But if after the fast one tries such kind of food, there is a big disappointment, it doesn't taste right. One doesn't find what one is looking for, and there is an unpleasant aftertaste that tells us that we did not eat the right thing.

After the fast one should practice an iron discipline and only eat what tastes good and only the quantity that one desires at that moment. But under one condition only - that we eat the food as it comes from the Garden. Our Instinct did not get adjusted to the techniques. With technique, mixing, heating of our food, we can cheat our Instinct and food tastes good even if it is bad for us.

An important part of the treatment is also the going back to re- nourishment time during which the patient learns to follow the instinct; only to eat natural, fresh, not altered food, that tastes great. Like this the patient learns to like only natural, not over 30°C heated food, and yes, he will learn to love it. But you have to give the people time. After the first fast something stays with them, after the second more and after a time the thoughts change. After a while they will love this food and they are getting more and more in this direction. Of course we leave it up to the patient. All we want that during his stay here is that he learn to know, appreciate, and love this kind of food.

An exception we make with a few illnesses: For instance with Multiple Sclerosis. These patients we only accept if they are willing afterwards to only eat raw food with no exception. The same applies for Diabetes, and maybe also for severe heart-diseases and after a stroke. What he does at home is not our business. They are adults and should be able to be responsible for their own acts.

The head of the sanatorium says: Fasting is not only for your health but also to refresh your soul. It serves to find peace with oneself. It is not important that something is going on all the time. Which makes me remember the following saying:

Nicht zum Sein bist du auf Erden,
Was du bist, bist du zum werden.
Nicht das Haben zählt im Leben,
Was du hast, hast du zum Geben.
Suche nicht allein zu wandern,
Mensch sein lässt sich nur mit Andern.
Fortschritt gibt's im Weltgetriebe
einen nur, den in der Liebe.


Not to be, are you on this earth
You are here to become
Not what you have, counts in life
But what you have, you have to give
Try not to wander by yourself
To be human is only possible with others
There is only one progress in this world,
The one in love.

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Since I wrote this article, Dr. Bauer died. Look: Dr. Ernst Bauer



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