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God or gods?

I personally believe in one God, in the spirit as Aristotle ( 384-322 ) before Christ defined it:

God is pure form without matter, pure act, without mixing the power, infinite reality, eternal, immutable, separated from all things, and yet cause of all things, not only cause of its movements, but also of its real sense. Aristotle identified for the first time the non - material things with the spirit, because that's the only thing always active. So God is the highest embodiment of thought. These thoughts are not concerned with the outer worldly things, because then there would be changes in God. This thinking is pure thought itself, or the most perfect self-consciousness. In this pure vision is the infinite bliss of God, the perfect knowledge of perfect bliss.

Aristotle achieved a high concept of God: 1. His monotheism is scientifically founded. 2. Shows a transcendent God, different from the world. 3. Identifies the abstract with the spirit. However, this God is not the God of the Christians: Aristotle knows no creation, rejects the rule. His God is not a personal being.


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