My personal Philosophy


Mi filosofía

Meine Philosophie

My philosophy



Fanatismo Religioso

In General

My life philosophy comprises of, in great part, the following ideals as goals:

1 To live life with integrity and do things that have positive repercussions regarding the quality of life of others and of the environment.

2 To start each day with freshness and love in my heart and to have the energy to spread that enthusiasm.

3 To each day improve my ethic of character to be more tolerant, cooperative, compassionate, obliging, amiable, loyal, decisive, responsible, punctual, honest, valiant, generous, and just.

4 To reject any groundless beliefs of religions, demons, gosts, prophets, and fortunetellers. Ich werde jedoch an die Liebe anderer und meiner selbst glauben, und daran, dass alles im Leben seinen Sinn hat. In jedem Fall werde ich meiner Philiophie folgen und Gott, der Gottheit oder den Göttern für jeden Tag dieses Lebens danken.

5 To believe in the love of people and in my love and all that that happens in life that has reason.

6 To be perseverant in living my ideals.

7 To try to give the best of my capacities and aptitudes and give more than what people expect.

8 To make a special effort not to leave the path of honesty.

9 To never desire more than what I need and to use excess resources to aid needy people and improve a declining environment.

10 To remember that I alone am responsible for my emotions. Pain should not be one of self pity.

11 To always remember that love is an activity that produces love.

12 I try to become wiser every day by studying wise men (for instance Stoics like Seneca and Marc Aurel).

13 Seneca says, "Whatever you hoped for from the future, you can already be, if you have all your thinking, and desire directed at it, and if you are not contemptuous of yourself, it will be yours as you leave aside the past, trust the divine wisdom and your inner genius for the future of providence and all the events that will come, and strive to master the present."

Regarding the Family

My family has absolute priority in my life. My house or apartment should be a place of love, fun, comfort, peace, happiness and pleasure. In this sense I want to practice a family culture and to give the children around me the most of my experiences. It is especially important that they learn to love, enjoy life and live with integrity.

I want to find ways for children to discover their talents. But at the same time, each family member must be responsible for his space and to live in a clean and orderly manner.

Regarding Relationships / Marriage

Love with erotic sentiments is the child of liberty. On the other hand, mental or physical infidelity can be a mortal blow for a loving and lasting relationship. Only absolute fidelity gives us the best foundation for a relation that will survive the torments of life. Only in this way do we have the security and the confidence that we are not going to fall in love with another person which normally means the end and the destruction of the actual family. If with time the feelings of love and /or sexual desires diminish, I have to remind myself that love recovers stronger than before. Life is not as in the novels or Hollywood movies where love strikes like lightning and then establishes itself as an incurable virus.

I'm going to make sure that neither work nor pleasure, no matter how fabulous or satisfactory it can be, causes me to separate from my wife or family for much time. I want to practice at least one or better two hobbies or free-time activities with them.

Regarding Time

The time that we live is very short and unrepeatable. It is precious. For this reason I want to pay a lot of attention to what I'm doing with that time. I always want to be conscience that today may be the last day of my life because only in this way will I organize my time properly. I don't want to waste time hoping for better times in an undefined future, but instead enjoy the everyday journey of living.

I want to be very selective with whom I share my time and love. But with those with whom I chose to spend time, I'm going be empathetic and make an effort to listen carefully to them. Also, I am going to be careful to listen to many different opinions before making rash judgments.

In my conversations, I want to demonstrate good humour and not allow differences of opinion to be interpreted as personal criticism. Also, I'm going to avoid criticizing others in this sense.

With my different interests and projects, I always want to concentrate on one thing at a time and to do it at the best of my abilities. I am not going to be afraid of making errors. On the contrary, errors are the best teachers. At the moment I realize that I made a mistake, I'll correct it and, if it's appropriate, apologize for it. I'm going to learn to wait more patiently for the fruits of my activities.

I want to spend less than what I am earning and only incur debts in emergency situations or when there is no other solution such as, buying land, a house or a car.

At least five days a week, I want to dedicate my time in some form to creative activities. I want to apply my creativity to improve life on the planet and for the community in which I live.

I'll always keep an open mind to new ideas, changes and innovations even if they the result is unpleasant, difficult or painful. I'm not going to wait for opportunities but to find them and create them. I'll never stop learning something new. In fact, I would like to learn a new skill at least once every two years.

Regarding Health

I'm gong to stay far away from customs that can result in addiction (tobacco, drugs, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, white sugar, celular phones, television, alcohol and work). I want to use wisdom and prudence in the selection of foods, drinks, literature and film. With meals, I try to use fruits and vegetables from my own garden. Also, I buy organic vegetables, fruits and grains if they are available and I try to eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible.

Finally, I want to further develop the courage to laugh about those difficult times that we are all destined to have and use my energies where I can to make our shrinking world a little bit of a better place.


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