No place to flee or to be safe?


Die Menschenrechte

Los Derechos Humanos

Human Rights

Les Droits Humains

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uThe Right to Life uProhibition of Discrimination uThe Right to Food uThe Right to Health uThe Right to Housing uThe Protection of Private Life uThe Right for Freedom of Thought, Believe and Religion uThe Right for Free Education uThe Right for Work uThe Right for Protection of Private Property u The Right for a Fair Trial and Prohibition of Torture uPolitical Rights and Freedom of Expression uThe Rights of Regfugees

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People, due to political, religious or to any other type of persecution that had to flee from their own country, now have no country to defend them. They then fall under international protection. The Convention over the Statute of Refugees of 1951 grants them rights regarding asylum. The principle is the right to the protection from forced extradition to the state from which one fled persecution. A special category of refugees are those displaced persons in the interior of their own country. As citizens of the country in which they live, they can invoke general human rights. What is missing is a treaty of human rights that deal specifically with their needs.

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