Is it human to live in a cardboard box?


Die Menschenrechte

Los Derechos Humanos

Human Rights

Les Droits Humains

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uThe Right to Life uProhibition of Discrimination uThe Right to Food uThe Right to Health uThe Right to Housing uThe Protection of Private Life uThe Right for Freedom of Thought, Believe and Religion uThe Right for Free Education uThe Right for Work uThe Right for Protection of Private Property u The Right for a Fair Trial and Prohibition of Torture uPolitical Rights and Freedom of Expression uThe Rights of Regfugees

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Human beings need adequate housing to be able to live with dignity. Adequate does not mean that every family lives in a great mansion. Adequate means to have a shelter where one can live safely, in peace and with dignity. The state has to work to protect the housing of all people. The right to housing prohibits people from being obligated to abandon their homes without legal process or to destroy housing of excluded minorities. Authorities have to work to proportion housing to those without a roof in situations of necessity.

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