Human Rights Picture Gallery


Die Menschenrechte

Los Derechos Humanos

Human Rights

Les Droits Humains

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uThe Right to Life
uProhibition of Discrimination
uThe Right to Food
uThe Right to Health
uThe Right to Housing
uThe Protection of Private Life
uThe Right for Freedom of Thought, Believe and Religion

“être. The Face of Human Rights.”
Political Division IV, Human Rights Policy Section
Political Division III, Cultural Foreign Policy Centre
Concept: Walter Kälin and Lars Müller
Curator: Lars Müller
Coordination Magnum Photos: Andréa Holzherr
Text: Nicolas Bideau, Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart,
Walter Kälin and Judith Wyttenbach
Design: Integral Lars Müller / Claudia Klein
This exhibition is an excerpt from the publication
“The Face of Human Rights”, 2004
© Lars Müller Publishers
© for all photographs: Magnum Photos
© 2005 by Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland
Exhibition created with the archives of Magnum Photos.


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