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By Ruben Torres 5th of October 2018

There are many ways to speculate about what comes in the human future, there are many who have ventured to make their own analysis based on the different scales granted by the ranges of economic, technological or social evolution of our species.

But all have not been able to get out of the mental corset of what exists and is now valid for the system, without taking into account a paradigm shift or a change of consciousness, two very important variables, which for science and the established belief system do not exist.

It is undeniable that we have reached a point of no return, and we are very close to collapse.

This system as it was conceived, has failed, and we are about to make such a drastic change that it would not be an exaggeration if it were called apocalypse ...


What you will see below is what we have now, the causes of our evil. Settling in and accepting a corrupt and sick system of life, and not doing anything to change it is certainly worrisome.


Money is a system of social and mental control.

The existence of money does not make any sense and to make a future analysis without eliminating the money from the equation is to fail. This tool is responsible for the collapse of the system, not only of the current one, but of all those who failed in the past.

No matter the pattern that governs the money, or that is based on the value of the currency, there will always be a moment of collapse and systemic failure.

A civilization that continues to use money is doomed to failure and until there is an awareness of this, there will be no qualitative advance.

The money,
is responsible for inequality and social imbalance
is responsible for the creation of classes and citizens of different castes
is responsible for poverty and disease
is responsible for crime and the creation of mafias that support it
is responsible for the destruction of the planet's natural ecosystem
is responsible for the creation of wars, and the existence of hidden interests, conspiracies, absence of sovereignty and control of the masses ...


Religion is a system of control that maintains an iron disconnection of spiritual feeling, which channels all longing and questioning, about what is not seen, but is intuited, generating a completely false belief about what is not seen or intuited.

No matter the type of religion, the god that is adored, the liturgy that is practiced, the dogmas that are preached or the scriptures that are read, they are all the same and all are false.

Religion is responsible for historical confrontation, is responsible for the spiritual disconnection and the desconcientisation of the human being, is responsible for the false need of redemption, salvation, atonement ...

It is responsible for generating fear and guilt, and is responsible for all the darkness that inhabits the human being.


All the systems of political management that have illuminated us in history have been based on pyramidal systems, in which a few had the power and managed their own interests against the common good.

This has always been the case regardless of the label that has been placed on it (monarchy, feudalism, democracy ...).

The existence of an elite or superior caste that distributes the planet and its raw materials, has been the cause of all evil.

In turn, this division of territories of this elite has generated the creation of borders, the confrontation between territories for the appropriation of raw materials, and has fostered the creation of different languages, cultures, and ways of understanding the feeling of rooted in the land. , which causes disunity among members of the same species.

She is responsible for the creation of absurd nationalisms, is responsible for the differentiation of race and generation of hatred between them, is responsible for human enslavement, is also responsible for the creation of wars and ideological conflicts and is responsible of territorial fragmentation based on a farm system within a farm.


The organization of work based solely on a productive system, in which self-interest prevails over the common good, and labor is used as a resource and not as a form of progress, is another of the control systems and other of the cancers of this civilization.

This system of salaried work that is only the remnant make-up of the old slave trades. The human resources of the companies are no more than a slave market of some corporations which over the centuries replaced the bag of salt with a paper called payroll.

This system of work based on production / consumption, is responsible for migratory flows, is responsible for the brain drain, is responsible for social marginality, and is responsible for human obsolescence.


The milestone of technological progress has only served to further support the existing control systems, and to create new tools necessary to increase production, and finally (in the future) to eliminate human labor.

Consumer technology, on the other hand, has not improved the lives of people ...

It has created a social ecosystem in which the human can no longer be classified in that way, since it is not governed by those values that represented it, but in apathy, in dissatisfaction, mediocrity, appearance and existential snobbery.

Social networks ceased to be, when they became flows of falsehood and indiscriminate hatred, turning the lie into a new currency and Internet in its propaganda showcase.

Technology focused on the production / consumption model is responsible for the destruction of unstoppable employment, is responsible for the social exclusion of youth, is responsible for the proliferation of social engineering and models of mass mental control, is responsible in a of empty life and without existential goals, is responsible for amorality and human unnaturality, and is responsible for the acceptance of transgenic and transhuman dystopias.

These five points are the five pillars which converge in a single cause, since they all coexist intertwined and have no meaning separately.


Against all foresight made by any expert in any discipline, the human of planet Earth must take the correct and necessary steps to be what is expected of him.

To do so, there should not be any remnants of the previously touched points.

Everything that is socially accepted today must be destroyed and extinct forever, otherwise we will be entering another pattern of repetition, and we will have entered a new dark future.

What you know and accept as normal must die and we have to accept since it is useless to keep it for longer connected to us.


The first reaction in the total absence of money (or any matter that serves as exchange or barter) is the disappearance of crime, mafias, and delinquency, castes and elites disappear, social inequality and poverty disappear, and disappear slavery and human trafficking.

Resources and raw materials are universalized, knowledge and health is available to everyone, eliminating the need to consume, produce and compete, disappear hunger, disease, marginalization, forced migration, wars for resources, etc...

The common good is the "economic" model in which, what is good for me, is not scolded with what is good for everyone, and both interests coexist and are twinned.


The elimination of the need to earn money to survive, means that you no longer need to compete, and the society you are creating does not need to produce millions of identical products with different brands, therefore you only work on what you are passionate about, and that the model social benefits so that it is a return not only personal, but that it affects the common good.

Knowledge is imparted and shared, to create the necessary ecosystem so that no one is excluded and everyone contributes according to their conscience.

There is an opportunity for the best in each field to lead common progress, giving merit to those who deserve it for effort, not for lineage.

The structure stops being pyramidal, to be horizontal, where no one is the boss, everyone is listened to and only the best trained are those who take the initiative, in terms of structure and logistics of the work.


Technology takes the place that corresponds to being a means of improving the quality of life, and fulfills a purpose that only focuses on the progress of all and not a few.

No patent registrations or copyrights are necessary; therefore, all contributions are progress for all and everyone has access to each advance. There is no two-speed technology or black projects, everyone is aware of everything that is achieved for the common good.

Nor is technology used to control or enslave, but to improve and enhance the work of each.

Artificial intelligence and robotics can only fulfill a subordinate function, if necessary, otherwise they would be disposable tools.


The disappearance of religion, integrates the spiritual life as a structure of social life, coexisting different ways of living or feeling without it leads to clashes, or fanaticism.

A spiritual life without tutors, gods or messiah, in which once again, the common good makes us live this spiritual feeling as part of a whole, in which each one of us comes to engage a part of the life and experiences of others. Spiritual sovereignty is just as important as political sovereignty, and it must be sacred.

There is no longer a people chosen by God and we do not need anyone to represent it; Spirituality does not need divine hierarchies, or worship a "higher" entity.

Be more aware of the energetic interaction between beings, as well as the communication that this imprints on each individuality, as the plane of the spirit is the same as the physical plane and that everything is consciousness and only consciousness governs everything, and it is the only thing that animates and lives.


We have endured too much time, we have been slaves and we have betrayed our fellows by a pat on the back and some crumbs.

We are capable of self-government, without falling into the clichés propagated by the elite, who say that we are violent and ignorant by nature. His sacred writings label us as the beast, which only serves to work and is chained to his base instincts. When all humans become aware that they do not need money to live, that concepts such as salary, pension, subsidy or taxes, are terms that apply to slaves, and that they are titled property of a few, they will be able to awaken from the illusion in which They have made him believe that their lives are the way they are and have no alternative. The propaganda of the system has made believe that any alternative and utopian reality, is childish and immature, calling "hippies" to everyone who thinks and believes that a better and fairer world is possible, where there is no need to pay for drinking water or the sun that receives.

That energy should be a need covered for free and illness an exception, hunger a bad memory and suffering a choice. Most have no room for maneuver because they simply were not educated to think freely, without the constraints imposed by the programmed beliefs of the system.

For me it is easy to see a world in which everyone lives in harmony, where they help each other, collaborate and work for the welfare and progress of all, who are able to cross borders that go beyond the solar system, which is able to interact, collaborate and coexist with all kinds of people, and is able to be an important part of their lives. It's easy for me to see it and it does not take any effort to imagine it. Now it's up to all of us to make the effort to materialize it ...


A utopian society is not exempt from contingencies and problems, but these are not subject to hidden interests, they are easier to solve among all.

Keep thinking that our navel is the beginning and end, by which all that is, exists and comes to life, is not the way to go anywhere.

Fixing and highlighting differences will not open the doors to progress, nor will it make us interesting in other eyes; We will not even be a viable model in nature.

Only by integrating and uniting can we be stable enough to reaffirm ourselves as a people that looks to the future with a goal in mind.

Selfishness, competitiveness, and sustainability are not terms with which any species in history has achieved any of its goals:

A closed mind only achieves small goals without potential, an open mind has no limits.

If we cannot imagine it, we will not be worth living it.

Your ability to embrace a change is proportional to the state of your consciousness, just as your inability to let go is proportional to your disconnection from the whole ...