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Jörn Malek Art Painter Costa Rica

Jörn Malek

The Swiss art painter Jörn Malek, born 1943, has been living and working in Costa Rica since 1998.

Since the age of 12, Jörn has been expressing himself artistically. Some years later, he worked in graphic design and advertising combined with long stays in England, Vienna, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Switzerland, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

On one of his longer stays in New York and encouraged by an acquaintance with the well known art painter and sculptor David Hare, Jörn discovered again his passion for free artistic expression. He recognized that painting goes hand in hand with an important part of his philosophy, which is making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of our planet.

The main focus of his artistic activities has always been, nature and the communities in which he lived – as well as love. His paintings open a window to a “Sane World”, one which is quietly disappearing day by day, despite its ability to give us security, peace and pleasure.

Since earlier times, his paintings of landscapes and animals encouraged viewers to connect and re-connect. Or in his own words. “Get somebody to sit in the grass all by himself, unwind, and feel as an equal part of nature. We have to preserve our world that took millions of years in creation.”

Today Jörn Malek continues to paint wildlife, especially endangered species. His preferred subject started with endangered birds of Costa Rica and expanded to other threatened fauna of the world: bears, frogs, birds, tigers, fish, elephants and other species.

Jörn's realistic water-colors, painted on Superbus Sihl paper, show animals in the rainforest, in the water, in the air, or on stylized up to semi-abstract, and partly impressionistic backgrounds. Over the years Jörn has developed his very own aquarelle technique.

Jörn Malek does not depend financially on the income of his paintings.  Rather he hopes that with his thematic shows, he can sensitize and inspire the buyers to do something positive for the preservation and protection of the natural world.

He would be interested in giving a large portion of the proceeds to one or several environmental- or animal protection organizations (for instance WWF, Greenpeace or National Parks) if such an organization would participate in the marketing by co-organizing shows, or the sale of original paintings, prints, posters or calendars.

Jörn Malek has had successful shows in different galleries in New York, Harrisburg and Switzerland.

 Jörn Malek